Richard Fairchild

University of Utah

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University of Utah


Richard has over 15 years of experience in business-to-business relationships with General Motors, self-employment, and the University of Utah. His initial work with the University started through volunteering one day a week in July 2011. After volunteering for 3 months, he was brought on to collaborate with licensees and retailers to grow the brand. This led to product development and establishing private label programs to elevate brand awareness at the University. He now handles the day-to-day trademark and licensing efforts, including campus trademark use, new licensees, artwork approvals, and special licensing requests.

While at the university, he has been able to expand business opportunities on and off-campus. Through his research and analysis of different campus and non-campus programs, he has been able to provide the University, licensees, and retail partners opportunities for revenue growth in the form of product development, selection, distribution, promotion, and new business opportunities.