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NACMA 3 Pillars at Work Program: University of South Carolina Visit

By Lauren Belisle posted 05-10-2019 14:09


One week ago today I had the opportunity to visit the University of South Carolina as part of the 3 Pillars at Work program. I would highly recommend the program to anyone in athletics marketing … especially someone who aspires to understand how other institutions work, and understand ways to better their own department. 

 Some of my takeaways that I found intriguing (primarily because it’s not necessarily how we are structured at Virginia Tech)…

  • One of their assistant directors of marketing helps handle their Gamecock Club (development) marketing.
  • They sell student guest tickets through their partnership with Experience.
  • There is a Revenue Committee made up of staff members who meet weekly; they measure, track, report and propose.
  • From a content and storytelling standpoint, I liked hearing about their approach to being ready for the confetti moments.
  • The way their assistant director of marketing for baseball approaches music and game entertainment was really cool.

Again, I highly recommend that others apply for this opportunity. It’s one that most certainly returns what you put into it (ie: questions asked of the folks you meet with) and that helps further build your network, learn how other departments work, and produces ideas to bring back to campus.

Thanks to Blake Edmunds and the rest of the Gamecocks Athletics' staffers for being such wonderful hosts!