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#NACMAYP: The Holidays

By Chandler Oliver posted 12-20-2018 16:29

As a YoPro, the pressure to step in when help is needed is always there. Always trying to impress.... to be around...... to step up and do extra... and the holidays can bring a greater pressure than normal to do these things as staff is limited. I will say, holiday games are a great time to network as everyone from top to bottom jumps in to help. While the boss is seeing you around when no one else is, it is also a time to get to know those who aren't in your department while laying out those poms on seats during the December 31st 7 PM tip.  However, it is also an important time to rest and recharge for the spring ahead. It is okay not to work one or two games out of the six your school is hosting during the holiday season. Work/Life balance is always going be a topic of discussion if you continue down this career path. I'm here to tell you that time with your family, friends and yourself around the holidays is important for your mental well-being and so that you can continue to bring those creative ideas and be the best employee come spring. Just because we don't work normal 9-5s doesn't mean we don't deserve a break.

Hope everyone enjoys their holiday season and my holiday gift to you is the following poem:  

‘Twas the night before #TheShutDown, when all thro’ the city
Companies were closing all over, to get holiday litty
With their doors closed and holiday automatic reply on
In hopes that family time and relaxation soon would dawn
Meanwhile, the sports marketing folks were snug in their chairs
While visions of basketballs and bowl games danc’d in the air
Get the promo items ordered for gymnastics before it’s too late
The budget can’t take another rush charge for freight
Local student volunteers in their polos and I with my two headsets
Had just settled in to work a four-day holiday classic, nothin’ but net.
When out on the court, there arose such a sight
Fans sprang from their seats to see him in flight
We need to keep the energy in the building, what song do we play?
Was all the folks on the radio would say.
Seven Nation? Zombienation? We Will Rock You?
Wait.. did Will show up for his presentation for Lowes Food?
Since Will is running late, we switched the timeouts
Hey video, spirit and staff - Under 8 is 30 seconds out.
Once, the game is over and the home team wins
We round up the big heads and pack up the bins.
Meet as a marketing group to talk through the game
Discuss everything that went up in flames.
We missed some marks, but only a small group took note
Just got an email that we’re late paying for the homecoming float
To be honest, it stinks, working through the holiday
But the smiles from fans bring us back for another play.
While the work seems to never come to an end
Remember to spend time with family and friends
What we do is important but we’re not saving lives
Make sure you take a breather, make sure you take five
Work will always be there, you’re loved ones may not
It’s okay to take a few days for yourself and not do squat
Rest and recharge for the spring sports around the bend
May 2019 bring you lessons learned, job opportunities and winning weekends!