Carrie Blankenship

University of Maryland

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University of Maryland


I am a former Division I athlete who found my way to the business of sport through grad school at Arizona State University. It was there that I learned how awesome the collegiate marketing world was (and how great the weather is in the southwest). After graduating with my MBA in 2006, I joined the University of Maryland as an Assistant Director of Marketing and have been a Terp ever since! :)

"Creative, hard working, compassionate and not afraid to be honest" is how I would describe myself. I think being a good writer is a lost art that I wish would come back. I also believe the key to success is teamwork, which includes having respect for your teammates and the willingness to help someone out above and beyond your job duties.

Flashmobs and crazy state flags my jam and I am always looking for the next best idea - if you have any insider information, let me know!