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Best Practices: A Useful Resource

By Katie Prchlik posted 01-28-2019 12:21


First off, for all the people who submitted an entry or multiple entries for the NACMA awards, congratulations & good luck!

The online library of best practices is an extremely valuable and not as talked about feature, as some of the other features our online NACMA community provides.  The only time this section is truly talked about is during the submission process for the “Best of” awards. However, this feature should really be utilized year around.

After the NACMA “Best of” awards deadline, which just passed, is probably one of the best times to look at the Best Practices section. With a whole bunch of newly added ideas and innovations, it’s bound to help spark some inspiration and new ideas. This time of year we’re busy with our second crossover season of the year and have a lot going on event wise and starting to plan for the summer and upcoming fall sports seasons.

The “Best of” awards and NACMA Marketing Team of The Year submissions has sparked inspiration and helped me brainstorm ideas for the Marketing Department at Utah State. While a specific example doesn’t come to mind right now, I know I’ve gone through the submissions and jotted down notes, which lead to conversations that lead to new ideas that we could implement into our gameday experience or promote our events.

I’d also recommend sharing some ideas that stand out to you, not just to the other marketing members on your staff, but other external staff members as well. Don’t forget to also share the ideas with your intern staff; it’s a great resource for those at all stages of their careers.

So find some time, whether it’s a few minutes each day or once a week, to look through the Best Practices section. You’ll remember how creative our jobs allow us to be and find some inspiration from others in our industry.